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Buying a Canadian Diamond in Montreal

Buing a Canadian Diamond in Montreal

As a signatory and long-standing member of the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct, Laferriere & Brixi Diamantaires is a reliable source to provide you with rigorous information and a large selection of Canadians Diamonds which meets your criteria’s and budget.

Why purchase a Canadian Diamond?

Canadian Diamonds are sought throughout the world for numerous reasons including the fact that they are mined using sustainable development practices and the highest environmental standards. The Canadian Diamond Industry also bring numerous benefits to aboriginal communities and fosters economic prosperity in the regions in which they operate. The production of Canadian Diamonds also meets the standards set forth by the Kimberley Process in order to mitigate the distribution of “Conflict Diamonds”.

For the moment, three Canadian provinces have operating mines on their territory: the Renard diamond mine in Quebec, the Victor mine in Ontario and the Diavik, Ekati, Snap Lake, Jericho and Gahcho Que mines in the North-West Territories.

All the certified Canadian Diamonds sold by Laferriere & Brixi come with a certificate of origin which will specify the weight, the mine of origin and the identification number of the diamond. In most cases, the identification number, will be laser inscribed on the girdle of the polished diamond.

Also, please note that as company policy, all the pavé diamonds (smaller stones) used in the manufacturing of all our jewelry mountings are of Canadian origin whether if the center stone is of Canadian origin or not. Furthermore, all our jewelry is designed and hand-made by artisans here locally in Montreal.

Buying a Canadian is Eco-responsible

By opposition to purchasing a Laboratory-Grown (synthetic) diamonds, which are energy intensive to produce and have no resell value (learn more here), Canadian diamonds are an eco-friendlier alternative. A certified Canadian diamond is a store of wealth which will preserve value over time even in troubled economic periods. It is therefore important to keep all your documents including your certificate of origin in case you might wish to resell your items in the future.

Do Canadian diamonds cost more?

Diamond prices, whether they are of Canadian origin or not, are driven by the assessment of 4 main standards often called the 4C’s: cut, colour, clarity and weight. While diamond dealers will often consider many other factors, it is a simple methodology for consumers to follow and understand. The origin the diamond is not a factor that is considered to establish the price of a diamond. A Canadian diamond is sometimes more expensive because the cost of extraction and labor standards are higher in Canada than in other regions of the world. It is also more expensive to cut and polish a rough stone in Canada than to have the stone manufactured in India for example. Retailers also have different pricing policies and margins that will ultimately drive the final price for a consumer.

If you would like to purchase a Canadian for patriotic reasons, out of consciousness for the environmental or because you wish to be insured of its traceability, Laferriere & Brixi Diamantaires will be able to provide you with the information you need and a large inventory of Canadian Certified Diamonds.

Laferriere & Brixi is also an important buyer of Canadian Diamonds in the secondary market. If you have a diamond ring, pendant or bracelet that you wish to sell, please contact us by calling 1.844.671.3101 or by filling out the Make An Appointment on our website at

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