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Committed to Ethical Diamonds and Jewelry

Committed to Ethical Diamonds and Jewelry

We at Laferriere & Brixi are strong advocates for building a brighter future for the diamond and jewelry industry. We believe in ethical and responsible sourcing and manufacturing. We wish for the elimination of human rights abuses and labor violations in the jewelry supply chain.

Here are some of the steps we have taken for ethical diamonds and jewelry:

Sourcing policy

  • We proactively seek and prioritize local suppliers for all the products we buy and the services we use.
  • We subscribe to the Kimberley Process , a certification program involving 44 diamond producing countries that is the main global initiative to develop practical measures to prevent the entry of conflict diamonds into the international market.
  • We also comply with the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct and insure that our suppliers source their diamonds from conflict-free zones.
  • Laferriere & Brixi was one of the first Canadian jewelry companies to be a signatory of the Rapaport Pledge for Ethical Jewelry

Local manufacturing

The jewelry we sell is entirely designed and manufactured locally in Montreal, Canada.

Not only do we encourage local artisans, we firmly believe that they are the reason why our products are of unsurpassed world-class quality. From the initial design stage to gold casting, to setting, to finishing, 100% of our production is done in local workshops. All our jewels bear the “LB” stamp as a testament of their authenticity and quality.

Community Involvement

We believe in helping and improving the quality of life in the community in which we live. This is why have always devoting time and resources to local charities and various non-profit organizations.

At Laferrière & Brixi Diamantaires, we are committed to ethical diamonds and jewelry.  This commitment guides all aspects of our professional practice. We ensure that our sourcing meets the highest global standards and we make it a point of honor to work as much as possible with local suppliers and craftsmen.