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Whether you are considering the purchase of a diamond to make a stunning jewelry piece or for investment purposes, we have developed a unique expertise for identifying and sourcing exceptional diamonds with an emphasis on quality and value.

With affiliates in all the major diamond trading centers, we are able to offer a privilege and direct access for the acquisition of exceptional stones at the most competitive prices. We specialise in the sale of larger size, special shape and diamonds colour.

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We subscribe to the Kimberley Process and the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct and guarantee our diamonds come from legitimate sources and conflict free zones.

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Buying Diamonds


Why are your diamond prices so competitive? +

Here’s why our diamond prices are so competitive:

  • Our overhead expenses are low. We do not work with the same cost structure of traditional jewelry stores.
  • We have a privileged and direct access to a large inventory of diamonds from all the main diamond manufacturing and distribution centers in the world. Of note, Laferriere & Brixi is one of the few Canadian compagnies to be a Member of the New York Diamond Dealers Club.
  • We buy rough stones that we cut ourselves. We are part of a select few accredited buyers to have access to rough stones directly from miners like DeBeers without any intermediaries.
  • We are true diamond experts which enables us to identify and opportunistically purchase diamonds at the best price. We have been purchasing polished and rough diamonds for over 20 years and have an intimate knowledge of all the subtlety that can influence the price of this commodity.

Does my purchase come with a certificate? +

Yes, all our diamonds come with a certificate from a reputable gemological laboratory like the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Furthermore, we also provide an independent appraisal from an external firm for all purchases. This independent appraisal confirms the classification of your diamond and provides a replacement value for insurance purposes.

Can I exchange or sell my diamond for another one? +

Yes. We will first determine the resell value of your diamond/jewelry. You can then decide to apply this amount towards a future purchase or choose to cash-in the amount.

Do you sell Canadian Diamonds? +

Yes, we keep an inventory of diamonds that were mined in Canada. Do not hesitate to contact-us for any inquiries about Canadian Diamonds. Laferrière & Brixi was one of the first compagnies to be a signatory of the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct.

What is your company policy regarding conflict diamonds? +

Our company subscribes to the Kimberley Process which seeks to eliminate diamonds originating from conflict zones to enter the diamond supply chain. We demand that our suppliers also subscribe to the Kimberly Process and provide written guarantees about the ethical sourcing of their products. Also, Laferrière & Brixi was one of the first compagnies to be a signatory of the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct.

Do you sell laboratory-grown (synthetic) diamonds? +

No. We only sell natural diamonds. We are strong advocates for natural diamonds because they are better for the environment and help foster economic development in the local communities in which they are mined.

While laboratory-grown (synthetic) diamonds are a bad investment (please read the following article), only natural diamonds can maintain value over time even in difficult economic circumstances.

Do you buy rough diamonds? +

Yes, we are an accredited buyer for several mining companies like DeBeers. If your company subscribes to the Kimberley Process, you can contact us to share your available inventory.

Do you appraise jewelry or diamonds? +

If you wish to sell your diamond jewelry, we can provide you with an estimate of how much it is worth in the secondary market. Laferrière & Brixi has an advanced gemological laboratory which uses the latest tools to properly determine the classification of your diamond and establish it value.

Do diamonds maintain value over time? +

Yes, natural diamonds maintain value over time even in uncertain economic circumstances. For centuries, diamonds have been considered a store of wealth and used to hedge against inflation. You can contact us to complete or start a diamond collection or if you wish to purchase diamonds for investment purposes.

Also, please note that Laferrière & Brixi is an important buyer of diamonds in the secondary market. Contact us if you would like to find out how much your diamond is worth or wish to sell your diamond jewelry.

Is it possible to purchase a diamond without the mounting? +

Yes, it is possible to purchase loose diamonds without making a piece of jewelry. Contact us to complete or start a diamond collection or if you wish to purchase diamonds for investment purposes.

Do you offer a diamond re-cutting service? +

Yes, we can re-cut a diamond that has been chipped or broken or to improve the overall cut and brilliancy.

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