Buy and Sell Diamonds with the Experts: Montreal’s own LB Diamantaires

Buying or selling diamond jewelry can be a nerve-racking experience: the emotions run high, jewelry is expensive and product knowledge is often lacking. In moments like these, it’s important to rely on a jeweler in whose knowledge and experience you can trust.

Co-founder of Laferrière & Brixi Diamantaires, Louis-Alexandre Laferrière is recognized as one the country’s top diamond buyer and importer of large and rare stones. A graduate in Finance of H.É.C. Montreal he studied Diamond Grading at Montreal’s School of Gemology. Amongst only a handful of Canadian Jewelers admitted to the New York Diamond Dealers Club, he is a trusted adviser to several leading Insurance companies and Private Banks.

A Laferriere
There is rarely a diamond I see that I don’t like. The brilliance and scintillation as the same effect on me today than it did when I first   started in the industry many years ago. But, as a diamond buyer, this emotion needs to be counterbalanced by deep product knowledge and market understanding in order to deliver true value for my customers.” – Alex Laferriere





Laferriere & Brixi Diamantaires also has a complete Gemological Laboratory which uses the latest technologies available for precise diamond grading and appraisal. “To stay on top of our field, we’ve never shied away from investing in the latest equipment’s available.” As diamond buyers, LB Diamantaires namely uses advanced diamond proportion and re-cut equipment and software from Isreal OGI Systems Ltd, HPHT/CVD Synthetic Diamond Testers, Fluorescence detection tools, precision Microscopes and various electronic gauges and scales.

Established in the Montreal region for over 10 years, Laferriere & Brixi Diamantaires Inc. is recognized as a trustworthy expert in all jewelry-related matters from seasoned collectors looking to purchase a unique diamond to jewelry enthusiasts considering a special commissioned piece. Services also include jewelry design and restoration, diamond buying and cutting, insurance and estate appraisals. LB Diamantaires is a proud member of the Quebec Jewelers Corporation, the Jewelers Board of Trade and the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct.